Kraft vs. The NFL: Why Goodell is Stuck Between a Rock and An Inflated Football

Heavyweights are usually combatting against each other on the field in American Football. This time is a lot different and it is a threat to the well-being of the sport. The NFL generates around $9 billion per year in revenues. The New England Patriots (and most recent Super Bowl Champions) are worth around $2.5 billion […]

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The GMO Debate

Genetically Modified Orgasms, sounds bad. There is a large debate going on between GMO supporters (who happen to be large businesses like Monsanto, scientists, and people like me) and GMO haters (most of the United States). The idea behind GMOs is to alter the DNA of a seed or food in order to make it healthier […]

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African Telecoms

A first mover advantage in any industry is a huge benefit, but especially in the telecommunications business. This is due to the positive network effect where the more people that use it, the more people are enticed to use it. Telecom companies throughout the world always receive large market shares and fairly little competition due […]

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What Is Going To Happen To Gaza?

  Both Israel and Palestine have been accused of war crimes by each other and the International Criminal Court is looking into it. But that doesn’t really matter because the International Criminal Court has lost its power in recent years. The bigger dilemma is the fact that these two sides continually are at war with […]

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Elon Musk: The Tesla of Our Times

Elon Musk (the billionaire, engineer, inventor, investor, overall entrepreneurial genius) became a worldwide figure through the founding of Tesla Motors, his fully electric car company. The irony in that is Nikola Tesla is the exact historical figure in which Musk encapsulates. Both men are and have accomplished unbelievably incredible feats. These individuals come around once every century, […]

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