Fearing Populism: 15 parties that should scare you


Populism is back and better than ever. Whenever there is a group of disgruntled people who have had enough of their current leaders, they will unite and support whoever is willing to change things. This sounds all great, but the problem is, these people are so desperate for change that they will follow a lunatic over a cliff. Who can blame individuals living in extreme poverty, high unemployment, and little optimistic to want to support literally anything else that is different from the current situation. If you put yourself in their shoes, you would probably do the same thing. That is why the rise of populism, particularly in the Euro Zone is extremely troubling. Some of the beliefs of these parties are too extreme, make little sense, and would be detrimental towards the well being of the entire world. So here is a list of popular populist parties that are trending upwards. When you see there names more often, beware. Do some research into what they believe and what they stand for, for it will be disturbing to most people. Just remember that the only way to decrease their power and influence, is to better the specific society in which the disgruntled people live (easier said than done). From Finland there is the Finns Party, in Belgium the Vlaams Belang, in Germany the National Democratic Party and the AfD, in Italy the Northern League and Forza Italia, in Spain there is Podemos, in Britain there is BNP and UKIP, in Austria there is the Freedom Party, in Hungary there is the Jobbik, in Bulgaria the Attack, in France the National Front, and finally in Greece there is Golden Dawn and the infamous Syriza. Adding to the trouble is the fact that these parties almost all support what Russia is doing in the Ukraine and ending sanctions altogether. This creates instability in the region and displays how high unemployment and bad living conditions combined with a distant government which doesn’t represent its people can destroy the rationale of people. The New York Times


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