Marketing for Authors?

Just like anything else in today’s world, branding yourself is becoming extremely important. This holds true for occupations you wouldn’t think would necessarily need it, like being an author. Previously, authors (mostly introverts) would be able to merely focus in on their craft while allowing the publishing company or individual publicists to get the word out to create buzz and demand for the new book. These publicists would focus on getting the book out to newspapers and magazines to have it reviewed, optimistically in a positive light. This would create instant demand. However, in today’s world, authors are focusing on targeting “influencers” who have lots of reach on their social media platforms. When you look at someone who has tons of Twitter followers or friends on Facebook, I tend to believe that this person is a social butterfly who is addicted to staying in the loop and does not have real and close relationships with people. I should give these individuals more credit because in reality, people listen to them and authors realize that. The ultimate original influencer of this sort was Oprah Winfrey who had a massively famous book club on her television show. Now, anybody with lots of reach on social media (which tends to be celebrities) is of great value to authors. Whether its a YouTube star with no talent, Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates, these influencers can determine the fate of your book’s success. For example, I respect and admire someone like Henry Kissinger and when his new book World Order came out, I wanted to read it but didn’t feel like I had the time. The thing that pushed me to read it was a comment made by Bill Gates on social media. One little comment can be such a huge difference. Authors should take note and have similar strategies to spread demand for their products.


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