Faster Movies and Shows


How can advertisers squeeze more commercials into television slots? You can make the content shorter, but that would anger many viewers. One way marketers have cleverly and successfully strategized to do this without viewers noticing is to speed up the content being watched. If you speed up the show or the movie being watched, there is more time for commercials. Many have noticed this being used in the past, when reruns of sitcoms would not have the full intro song or the credits at the end would be sped through. These methods were successful because it did not affect viewing the actual show. But, when you speed up the actual movie you are watching, combined with the editing and censoring, the movie can become unrecognizable. This can be frustrating for viewers when the song and dance part of the movie they are watching (which is their favorite) is in fast forward. These changes have been made so subtle that many people do not notice or care, which is why marketers can get away with it. I guess with the application of DVR where viewers can tape and fast forward through commercials, online streaming services, and on-demand viewing without commercials, advertising is becoming a dying breed on television. Live event television programming is still the big money maker and will continue to thrive, but the rest of the commercial industry will continue to falter unless new sneaky methods are discovered. Wall Street Journal

The Daily Mail

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