Bringing Pizza Hut To Africa


Pizza Hut (a subsidiary of Yum! Brands) is making its 2nd attempt to expand rapidly into Africa. The company is targeting the countries with the greatest current and prospective economies. These include South Africa, Nigeria, and Zambia. Return to Africa This seems like a great idea since the economies of these 3 countries, regardless of the lack of political stability and the abundance of bad leadership, has grown and an abundance of consumers have more disposable income to splurge into fast food places. However, pizza is not a top food product consumed by most Africans. Africans tend to like chicken and burgers a lot more than pizza, probably due to cultural reasons.  Pizza Hut serves chicken wings, which serves this market well, but cannot survive alone on that product offering.

To compete with local as well as global fast food players entering into the fairly new market, Pizza Hut should create a distinctive brand image as well as offer unique food. Of course they should continue offering pizza, breadsticks, and chicken wings, but they should also expand even further. This includes discovering local tastes and altering their menu with those ingredients. So they should offer additional and unique pizza toppings, new sauces for pizza or wings, and unique desserts. All of these can be incorporated to give Pizza Hut the best chance to succeed. Additionally, why can’t Pizza Hut serve chicken without the pizza. Brand image cannot be hurt in the US through their African operations or vice versa. For example, Pizza Hut is considered more of a luxury in India (higher quality) than it is in the US. Brand image is not transcendent across entirely different countries with little migration between them. Therefore, Pizza Hut can start over with its image in Africa and do so by offering quality ingredients, local favorites, and drastically new products to their menu to increase demand.

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