Dealing With Iran: Why Israel Is Right to Fear the Deal



From the United States perspective, a nuclear agreement deal with Iran is a win-win situation. Iran cannot enrich its facilities for 10 years and the United States gets to heavily monitor their actions with regard to Iran’s facilities. Iran, in return, will get sanctions lifted. This will cause a huge eruption of the economy along with many foreign direct investments. Iran will drastically improve its economy while the United States will have negotiated a peace deal with a hostile nation. However, when you ask a government representative what they will do when the 10 years is up and Iran decides to try to obtain a nuclear weapon, they will suggest that we will deal with it at that time with the necessary means. But what are these necessary means? Sanctions will not work again and here is why:

Once Iran’s economy is freed up, they will have enormous growth and will receive investments from all countries around the world. This will help them diversify their economy which results in future sanctions being less effective than current ones are. This means that Iran has 10 years to buffer their economy against US sanctions. If this current deal is accepted, Iran will grow as a nation economically and will have the ability to get nuclear weapons after the agreement expires and it is tough to see how the United States can prevent this from happening. This is not an acceptable outcome for Israel and here is why:

Iran’s motto is “Death to America” and they think Israel should be wiped off the map. They can reach Israel with a nuclear weapon whereas it would be nearly impossible for them to reach the United States. Also, if Iran has a nuke, Saudi Arabia will demand one as well. This has the potential to create a nuclear religious war which could have catastrophic consequences. Overall, the United States should understand why Israel is upset and answer their questions with regards to handling the situation once the deal expires. More Information


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