Chrysler and Fiat…Same Company, Different Ad Strategies


Recently, there have been a lot of commercials featuring both Fiat and Chrysler 200. They are so different that I almost forgot that they are the same company. Fiat’s new campaign is all about targeting the millennials. The short ads are trippy, short, and repetitive. They contain all things that would relate to the internet generation and none of the things familiar to the Baby Boom generation and above. There are cats watching the Fiat car on television with an internet meme. There are men with horse heads dancing around. There are lasers and colorful letters popping up everywhere. If you look closely, you will even spot a banana. This is an interesting strategy coming from an Italian company that has used sex to sell their vehicles in the past. The drastic change in strategy represents Fiat’s push into trying to capture more market share in the US marketplace. Many viewers believe these ads to be annoying, including me. Fiat Ad Review However, you must admire their bold strategy. These commercials are not like any other car commercial in the past which usually rely on emotional ads and strong product and price information. Fiat is clearly targeting the younger generation who are early in their careers and can afford a car like this. They will see the size and feel that it is cute and can relate to the commercials in a way others cannot. This makes them feel unique and will cause sales to rise in the US. Ultimately, the brand image may suffer if they continue to put out ads that do not release any information on the car nor show off its assets.

Chrysler’s new ad attempts are completely different, regardless of being owned by Fiat. Two new spots feature an emotional beginning with a humorous twist at the end. The first one features the car being described in Japanese as it rides down the street. Half way through the commercial, the narrator realizes that it is not a Japanese car, but a Chrysler.  This is a clear attempt to shift the perceptions that consumers have about Chrysler. They want us to believe that it is not different in quality than a Japanese car which has higher perceptions of quality. It is as if Chrysler is admitting that they have had lower quality cars in the past. Overall, the commercial is good because as long as the viewer pays attention, they will clearly get the message. The newer commercial features a Latino who gets into his car to see a younger version of himself sitting in the passenger seat. After much talk, the kid realizes that he is not talking with his older self since his older self is across the street. Instead of getting out of the car, he stays in it. The commercial tries to demonstrate that being in the car is more important and fun due to its quality. These commercials are airing mostly on Spanish speaking networks as well. They are trying to capture the Latino segment who are growing in numbers and in purchasing power. Overall, these commercials are more mature and to my liking. It is incredible how the same company can market two brands in an entirely different way, trying to capture entirely different consumers in America.


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