What Is Going To Happen To Gaza?


is pal

Both Israel and Palestine have been accused of war crimes by each other and the International Criminal Court is looking into it. But that doesn’t really matter because the International Criminal Court has lost its power in recent years. The bigger dilemma is the fact that these two sides continually are at war with each other and nothing ever gets solved. It has become a continuous cycle where Palestine and Israel fight until Gaza gets nearly destroyed and then there is temporary peace. All until Hamas has built up enough weapons or Israel represses them enough that they cannot take it anymore.

John Kerry spent so much time trying to broker a lasting peace deal but to no avail. It seems like an impossible problem to solve. Israel flip flops on whether they want a one or two state solution. The Palestinians believe the land is rightfully theirs. There clearly is no easy solution to the problem.

However, after the conflict ended nearly one year ago, the destruction in Gaza which accumulated 17,000 or more destroyed homes has not been rebuilt. This is a problem because Israel refuses to allow building materials into Gaza for fear that they will get into the hands of Hamas who will use it to build tunnels into Israel and attack. All of this makes sense from both sides. If you were an Israeli Jew, why would you trust Hamas? During the last conflict, a lot of the international community blamed Israel for being too brutal and for not seeking peace. They framed the Palestinians as victims of Israel brutality. Yet when the war is at a temporary lull, where are their voices for helping rebuild Gaza. Israel has no incentive to do so since a lot of their enemy lives there and they have no trust towards them. It is time for the international community as a whole to step in and rebuild these homes for the innocent civilians, with the overseeing eye of the Israelis to make sure the materials are in safe hands. No one may be able to solve the overall problem behind the never ending conflict, but they can solve a more urgent issue of housing innocent bystanders.

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