Why Are Mobile Video Ads So Effective?

Facebook has seen a large portion of revenue growth coming from video advertising on its site, especially from the mobile platform. The demand is very high, mainly because it is the most effective way to reach viewers and they actual pay attention to them. But why? {Mobile Ad Growth}

When you look at the situation from a viewer’s perspective it can be fairly clear. When you are watching TV, commercial breaks can last 2-4 minutes. Viewers doze in and out and frequently change the channels back and forth to avoid them. Also, the ability to DVR and fast forward or stream content can avoid commercials altogether. When a viewer clicks on a video on the internet from a desktop, they again can browse elsewhere while waiting for the ad to end or even mute the ad. Advertisements through these outlets seem to be longer, as video ads last a minimum 15 seconds, and usually 30 seconds creating the opportunity for viewer zone-outs.

Mobile video ads are ideal because they are short and the viewer does not have the capability to navigate easily away. When you click a video, you see a short ad and then go to your video. This entails that the viewer is paying attention during that waiting period which leads to higher recognition of the ads. Frequent, quick ads are the ideal way to connect with restless millennial smartphone users. The ideal usage of advertising takes advantage of the short ad experience where the viewer does not lost patience and have negative emotions toward the brand/company. The effectiveness of subliminal and quick ads, product placements, and sponsorships are rising.

There are many other benefits of these ads including the possibility of data collection and more advanced targeting techniques. The quality of these ads are rising as well and the amount of smartphones users continues to grow throughout the world. Every effective marketing campaign in the near future will need to utilize this method and perfect the way to reach viewers in a quick and memorable way that does not disturb them and relates to the video content that they have clicked on.

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