African Telecoms

A first mover advantage in any industry is a huge benefit, but especially in the telecommunications business. This is due to the positive network effect where the more people that use it, the more people are enticed to use it. Telecom companies throughout the world always receive large market shares and fairly little competition due […]

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Elon Musk: The Tesla of Our Times

Elon Musk (the billionaire, engineer, inventor, investor, overall entrepreneurial genius) became a worldwide figure through the founding of Tesla Motors, his fully electric car company. The irony in that is Nikola Tesla is the exact historical figure in which Musk encapsulates. Both men are and have accomplished unbelievably incredible feats. These individuals come around once every century, […]

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Fracking in Oklahoma

    What defines corporate social responsibility? Are corporations supposed to be responsible actors for the local community, society as a whole, stakeholders, shareholders, and/or the environment? The problem with fracking (hydraulic fracturing) practices in Oklahoma is making the definition of corporate social responsibility very blurry. Fracking is simply an advanced technique that allows oil drilling companies […]

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Cyber Security: Should it be policed through the Public or Private Sector?

The biggest threat to the everyday lives of Americans is not of a physical terrorist attack, but a digital one. Professional hackers from China and Russia have been infiltrating US company’s networks and obtaining crucial customer information that they collect. This is clearly a huge problem for average Americans. These hackers can get into health care […]

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Global Deflation

The Global Deflation Crisis The most popular and frightening topic in the global financial atmosphere is the dull prospect of long term looming deflation. To the common consumer, deflation is a great occurrence. Prices for non-durable and durable tangible goods as well as intangibles fall making their purchasing power parity greater. This should increase consumption […]

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