Bringing Pizza Hut To Africa

Pizza Hut (a subsidiary of Yum! Brands) is making its 2nd attempt to expand rapidly into Africa. The company is targeting the countries with the greatest current and prospective economies. These include South Africa, Nigeria, and Zambia. Return to Africa This seems like a great idea since the economies of these 3 countries, regardless of the […]

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Faster Movies and Shows

How can advertisers squeeze more commercials into television slots? You can make the content shorter, but that would anger many viewers. One way marketers have cleverly and successfully strategized to do this without viewers noticing is to speed up the content being watched. If you speed up the show or the movie being watched, there is more […]

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Is Native Advertising Ethical?

As a student of marketing, I am intrigued with the whole concept of product development, to pricing that product, to promoting that product in unique ways, and to placing it where there is a high traffic, all of which encompasses an exhaustive strategy. Consumers tend to question the ethics of marketers as they sometime try […]

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