What Is Going To Happen To Gaza?

  Both Israel and Palestine have been accused of war crimes by each other and the International Criminal Court is looking into it. But that doesn’t really matter because the International Criminal Court has lost its power in recent years. The bigger dilemma is the fact that these two sides continually are at war with […]

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The Problem with Defeating ISIS

ISIS has successfully become an enemy to the entire world. Their ideologies are flawed, their tactics are brutal, and their existence is non-sustainable. However, getting rid of them has proven to be a chess match. They use social media to release their propaganda to recruit new members. They have a passageway to trade for weapons […]

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Nigeria Elections

Elections for the presidency of Nigeria are shortly approaching. The incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan, has failed to quench the terrorist threat from Boko Horam. He has neglected the slaughter of thousands of civilians and has no control over his army. Muhammadu Buhari is the challenger. He had previously been a dictator for the country for a […]

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